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What is a Living Library? | What is a Book?

“A Living Library is very similar to a public library. You can check books out, enjoy them for a period of time and afterwards, return them. Except a ‘Book’ is a person.  Much like any book you’d check out from a library, Books contain a universe of experience and narrative.”

Compassion Catalogue | Sept. 9th 2017

Get ready for our main event, the Hearts & Minds Living Library Compassion Catalogue hosted at the Toronto City Hall. Create a narrative in this vast space and enjoy multiple programs going on simultaneously.

Toronto City Hall

The Hearts & Minds Living Library – Compassion Catalogue will be unveiled at Toronto’s very own City Hall! Our team is working tirelessly to create a safe and inclusive space for all communities to participate and share their narratives.

Council Chamber

The Council Chamber will host our panel conversations which would run parallel to the H&MLL Reading sessions.

> Compassion Panel: Religion, Faith & LGBTQ

> Compassion Comedy Panel: Anto Chan & ‘live’ podcast So Help Me Pod.

Members Lounge

The Members’ Lounge overlooking Nathan Phillips Square will host the Hearts & Minds Living Library sessions. Those readers who are not able to register for their favorite Books, can still participate in our Fireside Readings and meet our featured partners.


Our planned events for the Hearts & Minds Living Library Compassion Catalogue
Living Library

Our flagship ‘Hearts & Minds Living Library (H&MLL)’ event features diverse living books in theme-based catalogues. On Sep 9th, H&MLL Compassion Catalogue is being unveiled at the Toronto City Hall. Come & have one-on-one conversations with our Books. Listen to their life experiences and share yours. Be prepared to have a heartfelt and genuine dialogue. 


Fireside Readings

Come sit by our fire-free “fireplace” to take part in live group readings led by our Bestselling Books. Sign up here to find out what politician, published author and actor are going to be your read. Our Bestsellers will each host a different Fireside Reading. Bring your own blanket, cozy up, and witness the art of storytelling! Not comfortable on the cushion? You’re welcome to snag a chair!

Compassion Panel

We’re trying to understand what ‘Compassion’ means to the world, to Canada and most importantly – to you! Sit in on one of our ‘Compassion panels’ & explore a myriad of opinions. Listen to our unique lineup of politicians, academics, artists and professionals talk about how their journeys all coincide at compassion in the end. Some of the content discussed may be sensitive and/or triggering.

Comedy Performance

We are committed to gently challenging all stereotypes. Witness this firsthand as our standup comics talk about faith, value and culture by sharing their own personal narratives. Lighten up your day with the hilarious lineup of men and women from the world of laughter. As they speak about diversity with a dose of humour, you might be left howling with laughter. Or at least with a smirk on your face and a chortle… Content may be disagreeable to some.


Art Exhibition

Enjoy the intersection of art and compassion displayed at our Toronto City Hall gallery. This work is brought to you in collaboration with our community partners. What could compassion look like? The art you witness are created by a diverse of group artists with distinct styles, cultures and demographics. Want to have your work curated for free? Email us today to feature your art. Limited spaces available.


Come drop by for any of these events! Registration required for Living Library sessions but feel free to come and enjoy all we have to offer in the Heart of Toronto at City Hall on September 9th. 


Our Partners