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Samira Kanji

President. CEO. Mother. Accountant. Muslim.
Activist, Interfaith, Muslim, Organisation President, Panellist

Samira Kanji is the current President and CEO of the Noor Cultural Centre based in Toronto. It is an Islamic institution committed to education about Islam and Muslim societies, and application of Islamic ethical concepts to current contexts.


Noor Cultural Centre was established in 2003 by Samira’s late father, Dr Hassanali Lakhani. To that end, the Noor space aims at being inviting to all regardless of culture or creed, with the idea of promoting mutual respect and sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Samira continues to spread the Noor message of a Muslim identity that is inclusive and respectful of all diversity and is a stronger believer in interfaith dialogue, environmental protection, social and animal justice. She is a graduate of Surrey University in the field of science and is the mother of three accomplished children.


For more information on the Noor Cultural Centre visit:


Samira Kanji will be featured as a Panellist in our Compassion Panel.