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Mohammed Fakih

Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Muslim.
Bestseller, Entrepreneur, Muslim, Philanthropist

After acquiring the nearly bankrupt Paramount Fine Foods in 2006, Mohamad was committed to bringing his vision of creating the number one Middle Eastern halal restaurant chain in Canada to life. Through the use of his extensive business knowledge and experience, he transformed the flagship location into a profitable restaurant chain. Now with 8 Paramount Fine Foods locations operating within Southern Ontario, a vertically integrated Paramount Butcher Shop, a mobile food truck called Yallaparamount, Fresh East, a new quick serve concept, and long term domestic and international expansion plans, Mohamad has successfully implemented his full-fledged strategy for growth.


Mohammed Fakih will be featured as a Bestseller in our Fireside Reading.

Many people believe that business success brings happiness, but they are mistaken. Happiness is more than a bank statement, asset or the bottom line. Immerse your company with a team who you value as a second family. Success is wonderful but, success surrounded by family is Paramount.


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