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Michelle Singh

Interfaith Minister. Co-Founder. Facilitator. Explorer.
Bestseller, Interfaith, Multi-faith

Reverend Michelle Singh is an ordained Interfaith Minister committed to nurturing peace in our world by bringing people together through thought-provoking dialogue and experience.


Michelle’s formative years in a small multicultural society laid the foundation for her ministerial work.  She was born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised in the Catholic Church (Mother) and Sikh Gudwara (Father) so “living interfaith” has always been her “normal”.


In 2009, Michelle co-founded the Spiritual Dialogue Circle that brings people of faith and no faith together monthly to engage in respectful dialogue, listening and learning from each other.


On behalf of the World Interfaith Harmony Week Toronto Steering Committee, Michelle accepted 3rd prize for best event contributing to world harmony in 2015 from H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan.


Also in 2015, Michelle was one of the faith leaders who presented “Lessons Learned and Best Practices from 40 Years of Interfaith Experience in Greater Toronto – An Emerging Role for Pluralism” at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City.  She now sits on the Steering Committee for the Parliament of the World’s Religions – Toronto 2018.


Michelle is a much sought after officiant to write and perform wedding ceremonies that bring together the diversity of love in the Canadian landscape.  As a volunteer for Parks Canada, she leads walks in Rouge National Urban Park designed to help individuals deeply connect to nature’s inherent energy.


Michelle Singh will be a Bestseller at our Fireside Readings.