Katherine Selby - Hearts & Minds Living Library
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Katherine Selby

Youth Advocate. Pastor. Christian.
Book, Christian, Pastor, Youth Advocate

The Reverend Katherine Selby is a Minister at the St. Andrew’s Church in Markham. She’s currently helping co-spearhead a social incubation space at the church for local small businesses. She aims to support social entrepreneurs to help make the world a better place, one person at a time.


Katherine Selby will be featured as a Book at our Living Library.

We need to let our children’s thought-provoking questions push us to greater depths in our own faith. We need their infectious laughter and playfulness to remind us of the joy of a childlike faith. We need to let their creativity and fresh eyes capture our imaginations to explore new possibilities and keep us, as a community, from complacency.


–  Katherine Selby