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Eva Karpati

NPO Founder. Refugee. Breast Cancer Survivor. Jewish.
Book, Breast Cancer Survivor, Jewish, Organization Founder, Refugee

What is really disturbing to me is that it again perpetuates the sense of living in fear, and that is huge, and psychically it does horrible things to us, and we don’t really want to get up and get out. I am not sure what it is in that world, but I am really determined to change that.

– Eva Karpati


Eva is President of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada as well as her own quilting foundation.


Eva Karpati will be featured as a Book at our Living Library.

Well… especially with the climate now, I particularly identify with the fact that I am a refugee. I came when I was really little, back from Hungary and therefore I think it has impacted my life in appreciating that we came from nothing and we’re accepted and welcomed. In a sense, we are all refugees and that we’re all looking for home and some solid ground


I was diagnosed with breast cancer but in that time, the support that I garnered was astounding and most important was the sense of compassion and not the pity. It really solidify was compassion was; that sense of shared struggles and shared vulnerability. I actually believe that there is a lot more compassion around than pity and judgement and that’s because the humanity in all of us, I think, speaks volume.