Erin Kang - Hearts & Minds Living Library
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Erin Kang

Storyteller. City Builder. Founder.
Activist, Art, Bestseller, Storyteller

Erin is a passionate storyteller, event producer, & city-builder local to Toronto who occasionally dabbles in writing, jewelry-making, & art.


Through her professional work at Meta Strategies/Shape My City and personal endeavours her goals are always to connect the right people to each other to collaboratively tackle issues, empower Torontonians to increase civic engagement and fight systemic oppression, and use creative arts to drive positive change and strong, resilient communities.


Erin is a firm believer in the power of storytelling to achieve social change, and shaking up who gets to share and consume such stories. She was recently selected to participate in the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship, which provided leadership, business, and social innovation training to 25 leaders in cross-cultural dialogue from around the world. Erin was a shortlisted nominee for the Samara Canada Everyday Political Citizen Award.


Erin Kang will be a Bestseller at our Fireside Readings.