David Buchbinder - Hearts & Minds Living Library
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David Buchbinder

Musician. Trumpeter. Jewish.
Book, Jewish, Musician, Trumpeter
David Buchbinder is a JUNO award-winning trumpeter, composer and cultural inventor. David’s musical projects include the Flying Bulgars, Jazz Ensemble, Nomadica and Odessa/Havana. He was the Ashkenaz Festival’s founding artistic director. He is also the founder of the urban transformation organization Diasporic Genius. David’s productions are Shurum Burum Jazz Circus, Tumbling Into Light and Andalusia to Toronto. In everything that he does, the common denominator is compassion though joyous expression.
David Buchbinder will be featured as a Book at our Living Library.

For me, music is the way that humans get to experience or apprehend the underlying structure of the universe. Music is everything. It’s a lullaby, it’s a party, it can express everything from the lowest to the most exalted. And it’s magic, because in a way it can’t be explained. It can’t be quantified. Music is a faculty that we have that provides a direct connection to the things we can’t see.

– David Buchbinder