Craig Carter-Edwards - Hearts & Minds Living Library
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Craig Carter-Edwards

Book, Connector, Organization Founder, Storyteller

Have you ever heard the fable of stone soup? An active player on the global social innovation and civic engagement scenes, Craig is known and sought out for his counsel on turning ideas into action, strangers into friends and raw information into webs of connection.

His story begins in a former mill-town in Eastern Ontario and carries across the world, weaving in incredible adventures, fascinating personalities and life-lessons both heart-warming and somber along the way. Craig can tell you about the time he fought a bull in rural Ecuador, or provide insights into the sausage-making process of Canadian politics; regale you with stories of fencing in Korea or sleeping on the streets of Venice or literally bumping into Forest Whitaker on a film set.

Craig can tell you about his personal journey of discovery and why compassion is at the core of everything he does.  He can share his ongoing exploration of his grandfather’s life as a survivor of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.  He can tell you about why he co-founded WelcomeHomeTO to build Canadian community through the settlement of refugees, or how his role as a Director of WhyShouldICare? has forever changed his understanding of our society. Whatever you’re looking for, Craig’s got a story to match – and he’s looking forward to sharing them with you!


Craig Carter-Edwards will be featured as a Book in our Living Library.