How to Participate - Hearts & Minds Living Library
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How to Participate

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Institute of Canadian Archives and Hearts & Minds Living Library! More than anything, we are looking people who believe in creating a narrative and actively spreading the message of multiculturalism and diversity. If you are an innovative and creative person, come and collaborate with us!


There are multiple ways to support our cause without donating money, donating your time is just as important:

Become a Volunteer

You can lend your time as one of our volunteers for our events or if you think you have specific skills you think will be helpful, apply to join our team! As a partner of the ICA and H&MLL you will help us prepare for our events in role such as being an event coordinator, technical support, photographer/videographer and much more. We have many diverse positions needing every sort of skill.

Become a Book

We also need Books! NO, not actual books. We are looking for persons with interesting narratives and life experiences they are willing to share. These experiences can be about race, culture, identifying as LGBTQ+, religion, escaping persecution and everything in between. We are still looking for Books in our Hearts & Minds Living Library Compassion Catalogue on September 9th at Toronto City Hall so don’t hesitate if you or someone you know fits the bill.

Become a Reader

Finally you can be a Reader. As Reader, all you need to do is come to our events. And be compassionate of course. Compassion is the name of the game and as a Reader it is your duty to be compassionate to others and learn from the narratives of others. When being a Reader always respect the boundaries of the Book you are borrowing and be mindful of your interactions.

Remember, much like intersectionality, none of these roles are mutually exclusive. You can be both a Reader and a Volunteer. A Book and a Reader. You can be all three all throughout your life.