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Ways to Support Us

Thank you for supporting our storytelling journey breaking stereotypes and building bridges of compassion.


We are an entirely volunteer run federally incorporated non-profit organisation, and your support to all our projects help us increase our productivity. Your support for the Hearts & Minds Living Library will go a long way in enabling us create, curate and celebrate stories of compassion and diversity. The smallest amount allows us to be in less debt and help fund our events.

You can donate your time, financial resources, catering (for our guest Books), publishing services (for our catalogues), and space to be used for our Hearts & Minds Living Library session!


For your convenience, there are many ways to support of work financially through our secure SSL Website!

You can donate to us is through interac e-transfer. This negates any transaction fees so every nickel is put to good use. Contact us today for more info!

Have a Gmail account? Google Wallet is a safe, secure and free way to support us. It’s just a few clicks away and you can rely on Google to keep your information protected. Just send to our email address

Donate through cheque! If you are in Toronto then send us a email and we’ll come to you with some swag!

Or mail us at:

Institute of Canadian Archives

25 Lappin Ave. Toronto, ON

M6H 1Y3

Please make the cheque payable to Institute of Canadian Archives

Paypal is the most convenient way to donate and a guarantee safe and secure transaction system. Use Paypal.Me to donate in both Canadian and US currency with your paypal account. You can also use the form below to donate using your credit card.

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